Salad Delight..

It’s not always easy to make the right decisions when deciding what to have for a meal, I’m one of those people that can survive on meal preps, as I need my food as fresh as possible, and different from the previous day too!
Salads are perfect for this, and what I normally do is buy lots of fresh produce and that way I’m forced to use it all before it goes to waste!

I’ve always wanted to love salad as much as the Kardashians do,I believe that would be the secret to happiness and weight loss! Hahaha!!IMG_3419.JPG

This salad took me a few minutes to throw together, and it was so pleasing to look at, making it even more of a joy to indulge in!
Let me help you make yours!!

You’ll need:
Mixed Salad Leaves
Leftover Chicken or Fish
Mixed Tomatoes
Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar

How To:
Layer your leaves at the bottom of your platter.
Slice a few tomatoes and leave some whole. Scatter across leaves.
Slice Olives and Scatter as well.
Now you want to shred your chicken or fish and throw into the salad, following with crumbled feta and then lastly your croutons!
I always use balsamic and Olive oil as a dressing! Pour half a cup of each into a bar, and shake vigorously! Drizzle a bit onto your salad and save the rest for your next salad!

This is a quick, colourful and tasty salad that I have as a main meal, always with a glass of wine!

I hope you try it, and enjoy it!

Big Love

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