Crumbed Chicken Burger..

When Thursday hits, I’m probably already thinking of the weekend and what I’m going to be eating come Saturday afternoon, that’s just how I’m programmed. More often than not, it’s a burger. I love burgers.. I make them with lamb, beef, pork, ostrich and and and.. and now chicken.IMG_3731

Chicken is such an under appreciated meat because I suppose it’s so readily available and relatively cheap as compared to other meats. But it’s amazing how much flavour this protein can take on!
I’ve used buttermilk to tenderise meat before, and it really does make the world of difference, I didn’t use it in this particular recipe, but if you have the time, soak your breasts in buttermilk overnight before use.

I also made onion rings (my absolute favourite) and fries with this meal, but you are encouraged to have it with a salad instead should you like! Ok let’s get on with it!IMG_3723

You’ll Need: (for 2 people)
2 chicken breasts flattened (cover in cling wrap and beat with rolling pin until half the size)
Chicken spice
Half cup of flour (seasoned with chicken spice)
Oil for frying
2 eggs
1 cup bread crumbs
Onion Jam
Salad Leaves
Tomato Slices
Fresh Burger BunsIMG_3745

How To:u
Heat your oil and get it quite warm while you prepare your chicken.
Season the chicken with your spice, then coat with flour, dip into the eggs, then finally the bread crumbs, make sure it’s well coated and then add to your oil. Fry for four minutes on each side taking care not to burn, decrease the heat if you must.
Drain on kitchen paper while you prepare your onion rings.I’ll

Onion rings are so simple, I’m surprised I hadn’t made them for myself before.
All you do is slice thick rings, about half a cm. Soak in water for an hour and then drain and dry.
Repeat the exact same steps of flour, egg and breadcrumbs and fry till golden brown. Drain on kitchen paper and serve hot and crispy!IMG_3728

Assembling the burger!
Slice your buns, and spread with mayo and hot sauce mixture.
Line with salad leaves, tomato, your chicken, top with feta and mayo, then onion jam!
I’m salivating at the memory of this baby! You’ve got spicy, creamy, sweet, salty, crunch in one burger! So worth the 30minutes you’ll spend making them!

Big Love

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