Baked Spinach ‘n Eggs..

This recipe came to me on a rainy afternoon, when I was feeling a bit peckish, but wasn’t sure what to make, so I thought I’d throw whatever I could find into a baking dish and hope for the best. The results were quite good and so I decided I’d blog about it here.
I love eggs, and this is a good way to have them with veggies too. To make is slightly less indulgent, omit the pastry and just bake eggs!IMG_1398.JPG

You’ll Need:
1 roll of store bought puff pastry
4 large eggs beaten
2 handfuls of spinach chopped
A punnet of mushrooms sliced
1 Chourico Sausage sliced or chopped
Feta or any other kind of cheese you have

How To:
Line a pan with the pastry and poke holes in it.
Blind bake (Bake without filling, or just dry beans to make sure pastry stays flat) For 10 minutes.
Mix everything else together and pour into the pastry and bake until set about 15 minutes at 140
I had a few slices with some leftover salad and it was YUM!
Feel free to add anything else you’d like.

Keep Warm
Love Zama..

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