White Star Giveaway..

Hello friends, I hope everyone’s been keeping well!

I think everyone knows how much I love and use White Star products in my cooking! I do this because they are versatile, taste good and most importantly are easy on my pocket!

The range of instant porridge in all it’s flavors is one of the best buddies to have in the kitchen, as you can use it for smoothies, in your baking and as a super quick breakfast on it’s own by just adding warm milk or water! How awesome? Here are some recipes I’ve made from the products.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The guys at White Star have sent us a hamper with all the flavors to give away to 1 lucky winner, and all you have to do is tell us which flavor is your favorite, and how you prepare it or best enjoy it! Comment below, or on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

Lamb Loves Thyme will also add a special gift from our team, so do best and enter guys!!





2 Comments Add yours

  1. Pretty Mahlangu says:

    Hello,love the blog and White Star Instant porridge. It is the latest hit in my home.
    My favourite flavour is strawberry and favourite way to prepare it is with hot milk, plus it’s winter now and it is the perfect way to warm up in the morning before we hit the road.


  2. Khanyisa says:

    Hello, i got the strawberry and vanilla flavour. I quit enjoy the vanilla flavour with just warm milk, no extras. I love the fact the its super smooth and quick to make.


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