Sticky Sweet n Spicy wings..

My favorite thing to snack on just might be wings, I don’t know why because there isn’t much meat on them which means even more consumption to satisfy that darn craving!
I have a number of wing recipes on the blog already, and plan to put up more because I truly know how to make wings 1000 different ways! hahahaha!!

This recipe like most on the site, is dead easy and quite quick to cook! The secret to that is I always precook my chicken to ensure it’s properly done, and also for flavor purposes, I find that it’s saltier to the bone when partially cooked as opposed to cooked just in an oven or fire. Ok! lets get to making wings.

You’ll Need :
1 Kg wings clipped
Salt and pepper
2 Teaspoons Paprika
2 teaspoons dried parsley
2 teaspoons crushed garlic
1 chillie with seeds
1/2 cup of chutney

How To :
Clean and dry your wings
Add salt and pepper, and mix paprika, parsley, garlic together and rub all over wings.
Leave for as long as possible, even over night if you like.
Once you’re ready to eat, get your wings in a pot, and cook at a medium heat for 20 minutes.
Meanwhile, finely chop chillie into chutney and mix.
Remove from the pan and place on in a roasting tray.
Roast at 180 degrees for 10 mins, then remove and baste z (brush on) with chutney mixture.
Do this every 10 minutes for the next 20 minutes, and the wings will come out perfect!

I have mine with ciders! The perfect snack!

Enjoy guys!


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